Kids.gov is a member of the National School Safety Coalition. This coalition is a partnership among educators, nonprofits, government agencies, and caregivers who have come together to share information and foster collaboration to improve children's health and safety.

    The coalition now has a facebook page where they post easy-to-understand information about existing and emerging hazards involving school-age children. By informing the public of these hazards, the coalition hopes to help minimize the risks to children.

  • Men's Health Week

    It's Men's Health Week, now through Father's Day.  As a father, husband, and brother, it can be very satisfying to your loved ones when you care for yourself.  Be active with your health.  Participate in decisions with your doctor.  Educate yourself. Go for a physical.  
    According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there are many preventative options out there on men's health, today more than ever.  You just need know where to look.

    Download, read online, or order free & low-cost publications through the Federal Citizen Information Center.  Previously known as Pueblo.GSA.gov, Publications.USA.gov site offers important consumer information and publications to help you make important life decisions. Here are a few publications they provide on Men's Health:

    The Center for Disease Control advises men can take daily steps to protect themselves from disease and injuries, living safer and healthier lives.  An everyday routine can take little time and cost next to nothing.  Eat what counts, stay physically active as best you can, and pay attention to signs and symptoms.  

    A few other links that may be helpful:

    At any age, it is important to start what you can to prolong a healthy life, no matter how brief or intense the routine is !

  • Depression: Medicines To Help You

    Depression is a serious medical illness that involves the brain. It's more than just a feeling of being "down in the dumps" or "blue" for a few days. If you are one of the more than 20 million people in the United States who have depression, the feelings do not go away. They persist and interfere with your everyday life.

    Symptoms can include

    •     Sadness
    •     Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you used to enjoy
    •     Change in weight
    •     Difficulty sleeping or oversleeping
    •     Energy loss
    •     Feelings of worthlessness
    •     Thoughts of death or suicide

    According to the National Institute of Mental Health, people with depressive illnesses do not all experience the same symptoms. How severe they are, how frequent, and how long they last will vary. It depends on the individual and his or her particular illness.

    The free publication Depression - Medicines to Help You talks about the brands and generic names of various anti-depressants. Also learn the side effects, who should not take them, and warning signs regarding harmful drug and food interactions.

    Information provided by USA.gov & MedlinePlus


  • National Public Health Week April 2nd-8th

    Help America become healthier beginning today. 

    Nearly a million people in the U.S. lose their lives every year from preventable health conditions. These losses affect every family and community.  You can help prevent these deaths by learning steps to live a healthier life.

    National Public Health Week is a great time to read and learn. Share helpful information on how to live a healthier life with others to help them learn.

    USA.gov provides facts on many health preventative-related topics, including a few listed here:
    1. The Facts About Preventing HP Virus
    2. Differences Among Birth Control Methods
    3. What to Do to Have Fewer Asthma Attacks
    4. How to Recognize Depression in Yourself and Your Friends

    Click on the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women’s Health to read and share publications.

    Our U.S. Government has made the following links available for you to contact for any additional information: FAQs,   PhoneChat, or  E-mail.

    The more we can inform ourselves, the better we will all feel. And who doesn't want to feel better ?  Help yourself and help loved ones have a healthier lifestyle starting today.

    Information provided by USA.gov on National Public Health Week.

  • Pasco County Prescription Savings Program Update


    Pasco County has re-launched the Points of Care prescription savings program, available to all County residents regardless of age, income, or pre-existing conditions. This program is designed to assist residents who do not have prescription drug coverage through their insurance or for savings on medications that are not covered through insurance.

    Residents simply present their card at one of over 45,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Kmart, Publix, Sam’s Club, Sweetbay, Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Winn-Dixie to begin saving!

    Points of Care is a no-cost savings program that will save residents up to 50% off their prescription medications, diabetes supplies, durable medical equipment and hearing aids. 
    Average savings has been 31% off the pharmacy retail price.  
    Residents can visit www.PascoRxCard.com to print a card and start saving today.  Residents can also pick up the prescription savings cards at locations throughout the County, including Community Services Offices and Libraries.  

    Points of Care, administered by Universal Rx, provides services and benefits that improve health outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs.  Founded in 1995, the are a leading national provider of managed care and discount prescription services.

    To learn more on how to use this program: 

  • Safety First on Halloween

    Just because Halloween celebrates all things scary, doesn't mean you want any safety scares of your own.  Use these tips from USA.gov to make sure you and your family have a fun and safe holiday.

    Pick Visible Costumes:  Pick brightly colored costumes to make it easier for cars to see trick-or-treaters on dark roads.  If the costume must be dark, apply reflective tape on the costume or candy bags to help them be more noticeable.  Flashlights are also good to carry.

    Use Face Paint instead of a Mask with your Children’s Costumes:  Face paint may work better than a mask when it comes to visibility.  If you decide to paint designs on your kids' faces, follow the directions on the face paint package closely.  It's a good idea to test the face paint a few days before Halloween and be sure to avoid the eye area when applying.

    Don’t snack while Trick-or-Treating:  Inspect all treats before allowing your children to snack on them.  Toss out any candy with opened or damaged wrappers and homemade treats. 

    Consider using a Glow Stick:  Make sure costumes are flame resistant.  In luminaries or jack-o-lanterns consider using a glow stick or battery-powered lights instead of candles.


    offer free or low-cost health coverage to children and families.

    • If you are eligible for health coverage from your employer, but are unable to afford the premiums, some States have premium assistance programs that can help pay for coverage.  These States use funds from their Medicaid or CHIP programs to help people who are eligible for employer-sponsored health coverage, but need assistance in paying their health premiums. 
    • If you or your dependents are already enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP, and you live in a state offering assistance (Florida), you can contact the Children's Health Insurance Plan or your State Medicaid office to find out if premium assistance is available. 
    • If you or your dependents are NOT currently enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP, and you think you or any of your dependents might be eligible for either of these programs, you can contact any of the groups listed here to find out how to apply.  If you qualify, you can ask the State if it has a program that might help you pay the premiums for an employer-sponsored plan:
    • Once it is determined that you or your dependents are eligible for premium assistance under Medicaid or CHIP, your employer’s health plan is required to permit you and your dependents to enroll in the plan – as long as you and your dependents are eligible, but not already enrolled in the employer’s plan.  This is called a “special enrollment” and you must request coverage within 60 days of being determined eligible for premium assistance. 
    • As a Florida resident, you may be eligible for assistance paying your employer health plan premiums. 
     To learn more, call for further information at 1-866-762-2237, or click here to go online to the FLORIDA MEDICAID website.


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Florida Discount Drug Card Program

If you are 60 years old or older and without prescription drug coverage or who fall into the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage gap; or under age 60, without prescription drug coverage, and with an annual family income of less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level you may use this program. Qualifying incomes include those below the following:

$32,490 (for an individual)

$43,710 (for a family of two)

$66,150 (for a family of four)

For general information: http://www.floridadiscountdrugcard.com/

To enroll go to: http://www.floridadiscountdrugcard.com

Or call 1-866-341-8894 to enroll by telephone

Pasco County Prescription Discount Card

You can pick these up at any library branch or at the health department to receive a discount on your prescriptions.

For information 1-877-321-2652 or visit their website www.caremark.com/naco